Santa Muerte

La Presumida

La Presumida

Knitter’s Problems

Normal couples argue about where to make dinner reservations. My spouse and I argue about how much time I spend on my knitting projects :P

Forgiveness is given with neither conditions nor consequences.

Angelitos Negros

<3 Cancion bonita <3

 Historia triste :’(

Feliz 5 de Mayo!!

Feliz 5 de Mayo!!


My Panza Monologue- So, I attended a performance called “The Panza Monologues”. Inspired, I decided to write my own.

Latinas are curvy. God made us voluptuous… Well, made them voluptuous. Far from exotic, here I am. Cuerpo de gallina (body of a chicken). Chicken legs with a large torso. Piernas secas (dry legs). But no need to worry; my panza makes up for what my legs lack. Above these narrow hips there sits a little muffin top. It’s not big, but it is large enough for me to notice that I don’t have the ideal hour glass figure of a desirable woman. I heard that having sex widens your hips. It was advice from one adolescent to another; I took it. Nothing happened. I just wasn’t designed to look like the stereotypical Latina from telenovelas. 

"I&#8217;m just an average person with above-average dreams"

"I’m just an average person with above-average dreams"

Don’t trust your chocha; it doesn’t know shit!
Panza power

Really?? I don&#8217;t believe you!

Really?? I don’t believe you!


I want to say something mean,
I want to say that you’re:
A bitch,
A mother fucker,
A puto and a pendejo,
I want to insult you with every offensive word in every existent language,
I hate you,
But I love you,
I’d be saying things I didn’t mean

No need to fix what God already put his paint brush on

No need to fix what God already put his paint brush on

Conserva lo que más adores…..
              De mis dos amores ninguno me queda…